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Entry #66

Been away for some time.

2012-08-12 16:55:40 by Elios

Yes, the wall is done.

No, I don't have a picture of the completed project. I might next week.

No, I don't live there anymore.

Yes, I am old.

Been away for some time.


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2012-08-12 17:05:27

Is your facial hair white or light brown?

Elios responds:

I honestly have no idea. It changes between light, dark, and pure fucking white.


2012-08-12 19:58:18

I barely remember you. i think i remember seeing you in a photoshop thread while back.

Back when my username was EARIO.


2012-08-16 01:33:03

Long time no see. I am still here. A lot has changed.


2012-08-24 01:27:11

Hey there, doing well? You probably don't know me, but I was with the Faggot Federation back when we acted like the Kitty Krew had died due to Kes's shit and we were active (and downvoted your flash, haha :P). The FF's been dead pretty much the moment we moved back to the KK and/or went off to the Duck Division and similar crews. You can visit us sometime, we don't really make flash much anymore but our tiny ass community has a relatively active forum.


2012-11-15 01:20:40

your yahoo accounts been hijacked by a bot